Apprentice of the Year Contest

Starting in 1987 – under the leadership of then Coordinator David Dupuis – the NE Area Apprenticeship Program began annually acknowledging each Local Lodge’s most accomplished apprentice.

Each spring, we invite a representative from each Local Lodge to participate in a series of rigorous work-related tests. At the conclusion of the testing, both the highest scoring candidate and runner-up advance to the prestigious Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Contest.

Since our Contest inception, the NE Area has made the presentation of our top award in honor of the late John J. Harrington. John, who from 1969 – 1985 was employed as our Area’s first Apprenticeship Coordinator, was distinguished for his career-long dedication to teaching and training. It is our sincere hope that this special award serves as a remembrance and celebration of an individual whose life was unselfishly devoted to the labor movement.

For the 2019 edition, the Contest will be held at Local Lodge No. 154 in Pittsburgh, PA on June 3-7, 2019.

The John Cammuso Excellence in Rigging Award

In 2013, the Northeast Area introduced a new award honoring John Cammuso – an outstanding rigging engineer with Babcock Power Inc. – and overall exemplary human being.

For almost 30 years, John has been the individual responsible for designing the rigging exercise of our Contest; and a dedicated rigging judge during the Contest. He also serves as a Judge at the BNAP National Competition. In addition to his selfless duties with our Contest, John served for decades as an Administrative member of the Northeast Area Board of Trustees and sat on the Boilermakers National Apprentice Program Board as well.

The recipient of the ‘John Cammuso Excellence in Rigging Award’ is the Apprentice attaining the highest total rigging exercise score.

The NE Area announced the inaugural winner as Local Lodge No. 28’s Michael Cefaratti (Eastampton, NJ).

Past ‘John Cammuso Excellence in Rigging Award’ winners include:
2013 – Michael Cefaratti, Local Lodge No. 28
2014 – Justin Nadeau, Local Lodge No. 29
2015 – Ernest Olavage, Local Lodge No. 13
2016 –
2017 –
2018 – Joshua Roupe, Local Lodge No. 154

Past ‘John J. Harrington Apprentice of the Year Contest’ Winners

1987 – Richard Martin, Local Lodge No. 5
1988 – Anthony DeFrancesco Jr.*, Local Lodge No. 237
1989 – Joseph Bartolacci*, Local Lodge No. 13
1990 – James Sigovich, Local Lodge No. 13
1991 – Rory Smith, Local Lodge No. 154
1992 – Daniel Tenhagen*, Local Lodge No. 7
1993 – Daniel DeCarlo, Local Lodge No. 7
1994 – Michael Hess, Local Lodge No. 7
1995 – Joseph Murray, Local Lodge No. 154
1996 – Kevin Sharland, Local Lodge No. 29
1997 – Bernard Nowak III, Local Lodge No. 13
1998 – Robert Dolce, Local Lodge No. 7
1999 – Paul Hendershot, Local Lodge No. 7
2000 – Robert Hummel, Local Lodge No. 7
2001 – George Taylor III, Local Lodge No. 28
2002 – Jeffrey Horton, Local Lodge No. 28
2003 – Christopher Darnell, Local Lodge No. 154
2004 – Mark Solomon, Local Lodge No. 154
2005 – Steve Beatty, Local Lodge No. 154
2006 – Rex Pears, Local Lodge No. 154
2007 – John Williamson, Local Lodge No. 154
2008 – Donald Goodwin, Local Lodge No. 154
2009 – Michael Toth, Local Lodge No. 237
2010 – Jeffrey Nasta, Local Lodge No. 5, Zone 5
2011 – Brandon Dunlevy, Local Lodge No. 154
2012 – Daniel Spencer, Local Lodge No. 7
2013 – Mark Felschow, Local Lodge No. 7
2014 – Arthur Kling III, Local Lodge No. 13*
2015 – Thomas Pelto, Local Lodge No. 29
2016 – Max Smith, Local Lodge No. 154
2017 – James Hynes, Local Lodge No. 154
2018 – Joshua Roupe, Local Lodge No. 154

*Indicates Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Contest Winner

We are proud to recognize Daniel DeCarlo – the 1993 NEAAC Apprentice of the Year Contest winner – as the past Business Manager of Local Lodge No. 7 (Orchard Park, NY); and Anthony DeFrancisco Jr. – 1988 Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Contest winner – served multiple terms as Local Lodge No. 237’s (East Hartford, CT) Business Manager.